The delivery cost is calculated by the weight of your order. You will find the weight of an item under ‘additional information’ in the item description. This is a delivery weight and is calculated according to the actual weight of the item as well as its size. After working out the total weight the delivery cost will be according to the prices in the list below. Items should arrive within three working days of placing your order if payment is via Paypal, if payment is via cheque or bank transfer items should arrive within three working days of receipt of payment.  For quicker delivery estimates please contact us and we may be able to help.

£0.97 for orders up to 0.001kg (up to 9 samples)

£1.95 for orders up to 0.01kg

£2.45 for orders up to 0.15kg

£4.25 for orders up to 0.9kg

£11.95 for orders up to 20kg

£16.70 for orders up to 30kg

£16.90 for orders over 30kg

Small orders of up to 0.9kg will be sent via royal mail, larger orders will be sent via courier.



We do deliver throughout Europe and the costs are explained below:

£1.17 for orders up to 0.001kg (up to 9 samples)

£4.00 for orders up to 0.1kg

£8.00 for orders up to 0.5kg

£11.00 for orders up to 1kg

£22.00 for orders up to 2kg

There is a substantial price increase above 2kg as we have to send via currier. The exact amount is dependent on your particular country and the price is displayed at payment. An example is: up to 10kg to be sent to Sweden would cost £83.70. This is necessary for you to get your fabrics in one piece. However, if your order is over the weight threshold of 2kg but is made up of small haberdashery items it is advisable to place multiple orders to achieve the lower postage costs, because these can be sent in separate packages. If fabrics are ordered in this way they will be cut as you have selected on your order.  Expect a longer delivery period for countries outside of the UK, but your items should arrive within about a week of receipt of payment.


Outside of Europe

Unfortunately we cannot deliver outside of Europe at the present time but we aim to in the future.


Items Only Available via Backorder/ Out of Stock Items

While the majority of our products are held in stock there are certain ones that are not.  These are generally some of the higher priced fabrics.  By not holding them in stock it allows us to offer a far greater range than we otherwise would be able to.  The only difference this means to you as a customer is that there is a slightly longer delivery period on these fabrics, of approximately an additional 4 working days.  For more information on delivery dates please contact us.  Please note: all fabrics that are available to buy on backorder are from reliable suppliers that are known to have the vast majority of their fabrics continually in stock.  However, in the unfortunate event that a fabric is out of stock we will contact you as to how you wish to proceed.  All samples are continually held in stock.

Any item that says ‘available on backorder’ can be purchased in the desired quantity, whether it is in stock or not.  If part of the order is in stock and part of it not, the part that is in stock will be sent straight out to be followed up by the rest when we receive it.  Orders with suppliers will be put in immediately for any products ordered that are out of stock.

If an item doesn’t say ‘available on backorder’ then it doesn’t necessarily mean we are unable to get more of it.  It just means it is less likely or perhaps has a much longer delivery period.  If there is anything you want that does not have the required quantity in stock, and does not say ‘available on backorder’ on it, then please contact us to see if it is possible to get it for you.


Once a purchase has been made you can keep track of your order status by signing into your account and visiting ‘order tracking’.

Currier Note:

If no one is at home the currier will normally try to leave your parcel with a neighbour.  If you do not wish this to happen then please let us know in the box labelled ‘Order Notes’ in the checkout process.