The House of Sculthorpe is a small family run business located in Yorkshire. The idea was conceived after I struggled to find correct historical costume materials for my own purposes, now that I was without the access to the London shops I had grown accustomed to back in my student days. Instead I turned to the Internet and found myself spending hours and hours sifting through modern fabrics, trims and threads to find the ones that had the look of coming from across the centuries. As items are not advertised for historical purposes I also found myself wasting money buying products that looked suitable online then finding them totally wrong upon arrival. I needed a specialist shop, thus The House of Sculthorpe was born.


We recognise the historical costume market is certainly not one that has been ignored thus far.  Where we are different, however, is through a combination of being an online service where we are easily accessible to anyone at anytime, wherever you are within our current postal region of Europe.  Along with this we aim to be a one-stop-shop for all your historical costume making materials. We recognise that although the look and feel will be a priority for all, everyone works to a different budget and price is a limiting factor for many. We are therefore aiming to stock different qualities and fibres at varying prices so that there is something for everyone. This is an ongoing process but in the meantime please browse through the current selection and I hope you find something you are looking for!


- Penny Sculthorpe, B.A (Hons) x